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I was looking through cafe_de_labeille's art, and I came across one of Dean and Castiel as children, with Castiel lisping his perdition line.

It reminded me of this kid at the centre I teach. He's half Caucasian, so he gets like this Singaporean/Australian accent which is fuck-all adorable, and he's about three or four, so he still lisps. I melt a little every time he says "I want gween fo' the twees", or "yest'day we went out to Mawina Square". Or something like that.

It does trigger a question though- why do children with Singaporean accents not have a lisp? At least, not that I can detect??


a long-dead oft-flogged horse.


This. Listed a lot of problems I have generally with portrayals of women in mainstream media (the link is about superhero comics in particular, but I think it applies to female characters in masculine narratives, for e.g. Supernatural). I'm not articulate or analytical enough half the time to pinpoint why I like/dislike something, so it's always good to come across someone who shares similar thoughts and who can list it all out. =3= Essentially, it talks about the objectification of women, that a lot of portrayals of women as sexually liberated beings are really just excuses to depict them as truck-stop calendar pinups.

I'm not sure where the idea that sexual liberation means bikinis and stripper fantasies comes from. Girls Gone Wild isn't sexual liberation, it's just pandering to het male fantasy. Stereotypically speaking anyway, but stereotypes have their bits of truth. Sexual liberation is when a woman isn't shamed for "being a slut", when choosing to have multiple sexual partners isn't a fucking social crime for her. Sex is a natural drive, it is not an inherent act of love, fucking get over it. I really hate it when people around me look down on a woman for not being monogamous, because really, that's their personal life, and who are you to judge her for it?

Sexual liberation isn't about being able to wear a bikini. It's about being treated like a goddamned person instead of an object.


Did a photoshoot with my sister at Sentosa a couple of weeks back. :D Definitely want to continue doing model/fashion type shoots, it was so freaking fun! Learnt a lot about using a DSLR, and there's a lot more I want to try!

I'm working on getting my own camera, but if anyone wants a photographer for their cosplay shoot, I'm available. :D I can rent a camera if need be!

... Really can't edit photos for crap though orz.

photos! lots of them!Collapse )

And then I took flowers.
fleur!Collapse )

The rest of the photos are at Flickr, but the ones here are all my favourites. C:

So yeah. JIO ME FOR PHOTOSHOOT OKAY. :D Although most of the photographs won't be that good. >:


Hey local f-listers! Some of you might have heard me blabbing on about getting into photography (specifically model photography); Cosfest is as good as any a time to start. :D I don't have a DSLR, just a little Casio compact, but if anyone wants a mini shoot during the two days, I'm available! C: (outside of manning the art booth haha)

I promise I'll edit the photos as quickly and as well as I can, so hit me with an sms or something at the event 'k! ♥ If you don't have my number, just pm or email me. o7
Wow. It's been like. Forever since I touched this thing. Probably a bad time too, since I have to scoot off for tuition in about an hour, but I was looking through examples of journal writing for my student, and suddenly I missed this.

Just to say that it's been more than a month since I came back from Sri Lanka, but I'm still thinking about the place, about tea country and the social unrest there. All the little bits and pieces I never notice when I'm in Singapore because it's so safe, so comfortable.

I always believed that photographs were enough to capture a place visually. Not so much now. Nuwara Eliya proved that to me. The roads were terrible, and there was barely a decent toilet every few kilometres, but it was still beautiful. Sun, rising and warming the rolling green; there were sections of darker green where it was sheltered by neighbouring hills. Little waterfalls, where people bathed and laughed and splashed at each other. The sky in the distance, cloudy now, clear a little while later. I'm not sure that words can describe the awe.

Nevertheless, when I came back to Singapore, I breathed, and it surprised me that suddenly I felt... home. Tension just fell away, tension I hadn't known had even existed.

... This is just fucking mushy. I have no idea whether the GE's effects are still clinging to me, even a month on.
So. Like.


Also I'll have you know that I don't know what I'm doing, posting this up because jsdfhksj;dhfjdf; paiseh please, my first porn fic on my LJ ever, and it's for you, and I hope you like it, please forgive any stupid gaffes. And okay, it's not that porny because I chickened out at some points, but I hope it reads well anyway, SO.

Still Love
Greek myth
Eros is who he is because there is Anteros.

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I really wanted to write something like "we interrupt this program to bring you (blah blah blah)", but I can't find a way to fit it in. So it's more like, Fiona interrupts perpetual angsting over schoolwork to pimp two bands because they're so fuckin' awesome.

Sonic Youth


The Libertines.

I haven't gotten around to their other songs, or rather, I've only listened to them fleetingly because I can't process too many songs at a go. Also, for those people who knew about the AWARE stuff going down a couple years back, and who watch HK dramas, I found something hilarious. X)

ksdjfskjdh can't stop giggling.
Dear Mr. Bieber,

I've never really liked your music, mostly because there's nothing to your lyrics and to your look. To me, you're another forgettable pop star despite your fame. I was really annoyed when Eminem and Lady Gaga lost to you for Artist of the Year despite having better music and better concepts than teenage love, but whatever. Totally subjective, right?

Thanks for giving me a reason to dislike you beyond mere subjectivity against your music. :) I agree, they shouldn't have asked a sixteen year old questions about abortion and sex, because I don't believe most kids even have their thoughts on it sorted out halfway yet, but on the other hand, being an international star also means you can't just run your damned mouth off. Please, please, please, think before you speak.

Some anonymous person.

PS: Lady Gaga's way more creative than you could ever be, so stop bitching about her egg. You just sound really ignorant and out of the loop.


I was browsing a fashion blog today when I came across this:

It's a remix of sounds found throughout Snow White, spun to an electro kind of music veil. idk how to describe this really, but I can't stop listening to it. (B

chinese paintingCollapse )

Uncle Boonmee. Spoilers and tl;dr.Collapse )